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Our culture

When you arrive in Lamu you are traveling back in time and we ask that you understand that you are entering a culture very different from others around the world. Lamu's islands are steeped in a history of global cultures and religions and the islanders predominantly follow the Islamic faith. This is a conservative Muslim town with an ancient heritage of peace and goodwill. 

This is our home and we do hope you will respect it and enjoy the unique atmosphere of an enduring yet fragile culture in this Unesco World Heritage Site. We ask that you respect our culture by dressing correctly and behaving in a proper manner, we do expect tourists to dress modestly while exploring our towns and villages, keeping in mind the local beliefs of this rare and remarkable is land. 

Also bear in mind that being situated very close to the equator Lamu can get very hot and humid so light clothing and shawls are ideal for comfort as well as staying respectful.

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The Winds & The Tides

The Winds

The Eastern Coast of Africa has two seasonal winds. The South-East Trade (Kusi) which blows from May to October, a strong gusty wind which brings the rains, rough water and silt from the Tana River. During this time most boat movement takes place along inshore channels and the snorkeling is not favourable, however there are many wonderful activities to experience on a visit during this season. The North-East Trade (Kas Kazi) blows from November to April. This summer wind brings calm, clear water, the best time for snorkeling and the fishing season. Occasionally there are strong winds, but storms are rare.

The Tides


Our lives are ruled by the tide in the archipelago. There are two Low and High tides daily, with 6 hours between each. The cycle is about one hour later each day. The difference between High and Low tides vary with the moon. Spring Tide occurs every two weeks on the Full and New moons. During spring tides the current is strong in front of Peponi. Neap Tide occurs on both half moons and has minimal difference between High and Low tide. Since the movement is so little, the water tends to be at its clearest over the Neap Tides.

Peponi Webcam

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