Historical Tours

The archipelago's history is one of the main draws to the island, for thousands of years the islands provided a welcomed rest for many travelers. Historically trading sailors from Oman, Yemen, Portugal, China and many of the Arab countries visited the port town of Lamu, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. A tour through the main town takes you through a 14 Century Arab port town, where not much has changed since then.  To continue with the historical tours there is Takwa Ruins, very well kept, ancient ruins dating back to around 1500 A.D. Further north the other islands of the archipelago can also be explored, each more remote than the last.

The Beach

Peponi sits at the beginning of a 14km stretch wild beach, where a gentle walk can clear the mind, you can lie on the sand and soak up the sun or get adventurous and explore the dunes then dive into the ocean break. Watch the sunrise over the expanse of the Indian Ocean or the sunset over the rolling dunes. There are endless possiblilites as well as beachs though the archipelago.

Turtle Project

The project began in 1992 when Peponi's, Carol Korschen, translocated  a turtle nest to the hotel grounds for protection. Since then the project has been growing every year and has now become an established trust, the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust.

For more information visit the LamCoT website.